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Digital Economy

We know how to generate and empower ecosystems in Industries 4.0; the most dynamic and profitable in the digital economy. The Digital Economy does not ask for a passport, nor does it ask where you are; it is based on knowledge and information management and represents a quantum leap in the quality of life and opportunities for employability and sustainable self-employability of young people.


Without knowledge transfer there is no development aid. We have the best experts, content, methodologies, experience, platforms to expand massively, practically and sustainably, "turbo-targeted" learning paths to employability and self-employability in the digital industries to generate start-ups and ecosystems in an agile, dynamic, sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Entrepreneurships/Start- Ups

The ultimate expression of the value generation of the digital economy is the creation of start-ups 4.0 and the digital transformation of traditional businesses. We have experts, programs, tours and experiences to generate and/or dynamize entrepreneurships and start-ups, helping them in the process of digital transformation from their conception in business models, incubation, foundation, acceleration and growth.


We talk about progress for all; it was never so easy to include Vulnerable Communities before. We launch the concept of “even start-ups”; don't wait for legislation to force you to discover the talent that exists in people with different skills. Providing opportunities to people with disabilities, gender programs, financial inclusion, and fragile and geographically excluded socio-economic communities are transverse axis of all our interventions.


Meet Our Value Proposition



We are an agent of real change. Employability, start-ups, training and digital transformation, "open innovation". Learn about our success stories.


Digital Transformation

Consulting and Implementation, Software/Application Development and Digital Environment Solutions



A meeting point to promote entrepreneurship and the digital community from Nicaragua



Protecting the digital world and generating employment in a highly sophisticated industry.


Iridium Program

Get to know us, we transform knowledge into well-being through programs of digital learning workshops and skills for MSMEs.


Start ups

We support open innovation processes from their conception to their establishment, launch, and acceleration.

Who We Are…

We believe in the Digital Economy as the main driver of the socio-economic development of countries. It helps to generate innovation and sources of employment, economic growth, productivity growth, and competitiveness and increase people's well-being.

That is why we founded Social Entrepreneurs Group (S.E.G.), an atypical "Venture Builder" based in Managua and established as a non-profit organization in 2018. Our mantra is "Premium, Affordable and Social Impact." We are passionate about conceiving, incubating, launching and accelerating technology-based start-ups, creating digital ecosystems, and promoting inclusive entrepreneurship... always with local talent.

All our projects are created with international vision and scalability. Together with the Development Aid Sector, we innovate and collaborate to transform the country's productive matrix and the transition of the region to the Digital Economy. We also offer "soft-landing services" for European start-ups who want to develop their business in Latin America.


Javier Marin


Javier Marin

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Fernando Pérez

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Iván Martinez

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